The features of replica rolex submariner

2In order to highlighting its uniqueness, rolex adopted a lot of patented technology to build the perfect deep diving watches, such as replica rolex submariner series, first, let’s take a look at its characteristics. The replica rolex submariner is designed for professional divers and amateur divers, rolex launched the first submariner in 1953, until now, this replica rolex submariner has got enough developments. With triplock triple watch-head system and oyster watchcase make this rolex submariner replica has perfect waterproof performance and the largest diving depth.

The unidirectional rotating outer ring is prominent features for this replica rolex submariner, the unidirectional rotating outer ring can make sure the diver accurate estimate the dosage of oxygen. Maybe this is a small design, but for diver, it’s a guarantee of life. The unidirectional outer ring is made of ceramic which has strong corrosion resistant ability, with GLIDELOCK system; this is a chain extension system, without any tool can make sure the watchband extended to 20mm, this is a very useful design for professional diver.

Review Replica Rolex submariner 116610LN

This fake rolex submariner carry with self-winding perpetuing rotor movement which successfully passed the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) tests, the water resistant to 300m (1000 feet). The movement with patented Parachrom hairspring which has strong anti-knock and diamagnetism, even under water it still can make sure the travel time accurately; this replica rolex submariner is a reliable timing tool for diver.

The 40mm watchcase is made of 904L stainless steel which has hard corrosion resistance and waterproof performance, the one-way outer ring is made of Cerachrom ceramic, the black and green dial plate match with concolorous outer ring and the inner of the scale filled with platinum.

The pointer and hour coated with Chromalight fluorescence material, even deep dive to the dark sea it still can make sure the wearer read time clearly. The replica rolex submariner equipped with Glidelock buckle, the wearer can adjust the strap length easily.

The oyster watchcase let rolex perpetual

As one of the early phase famous Swiss watch brand into china, Rolex enjoy high popularity in the country and even many Chinese think Rolex is the best watch brand in the world, like Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and other watches are not high visibility than replica rolex watches.

Indeed, Rolex brand has a very high inimitable symbol, crown-shaped logo, unique appearance; all of these show its distinctive features. So many middle and low watch brand imitate the appearance of Rolex.

But for the inimitable symbol, Rolex is known as its oyster watchcase and this is an important symbol of waterproof performance for Rolex brand.

Oyster watchcase is important milestones in the history of watch making which invented by rolex in 1926, equipped with patent rotary outer ring system, bottom and middle watchcase crown, and this is the first waterproof watchcase for watch in the world.

7According to relevant data show, the leakproof structure of oyster watchcase can make sure the water resistant to 100m (300feet) of this watch, and the submariner series watch is water resistant to 300m (1000feet), while Rolex Sea Dweller Replica is water resistant to 3900m (1.28 thousands of feet).

From the professional view,          dispose the watch-head is very important for waterproof watch, the watch-head of rolex is made of nearly 10 parts, and use screw fixed on the circular pipe and become an indispensable part of watchcase. This is the first time of inventing waterproof watch crown in watch making history, the watch crown is not only can make the watchcase completely sealed also can operate the main function of this watch, pull out the crown can adjust time, date, week or time zone display. Also can according to your need to manual chain

In addition, the watch mirror of rolex with convex lens effect and this is a feature of its brand watch. The little convex lens invented by rolex in early 1950s


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Speaking watches edit Water resistance is achieved by the gaskets which Swiss Replica Rolex Oyster watches varieties a watertight seal, used at the side of a sealant applied on the case to help keep water out.

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